Before young birds can fly, they practice.  A lot.

And so it is with writing.  But to try out your brand new writing wings, you must first leave the sanctity of that comfy nest.  This may seem awfully scary for a fledgling, but you can do it because you must do it.  Writers write, so there's no way out of this.  To discover your own true writing voice, you must learn how to open your heart, try new things and sometimes plunge right into the deepest, darkest corners of your soul.  Then you just "wing it" until your words eventually take flight.

FlightWrite is a free 30-minute podcast workshop which includes a brief meditation, affirmations and five writing prompts. This is your time, so claim it.  Defend it.  You are a writer.  Don't even think twice about marching right over to your writing space and posting a "Do Not Disturb" or "Gone Writing...back in 30 minutes" sign on your door.  You are a writer--the next half hour belongs to you!

FlightWrite instructions
1)  Press the arrow button on the mp3 player above.  Clear your mind of unnecessary emergency exit strategies, oxygen masks or seatbelts.  You are a risktaker.  Just listen to my voice...and write!

2)  Don't worry if you're still writing when the meditation chime sounds.  The point is to begin and to keep the writing flowing.  You can always go back to the prompt later.

3)  Once the workshop has ended, you may choose to stop writing or utilize FlightWrite as a warmup exercise to your regular writing session. 

I'd love to hear how FlightWrite is working for you.  Feel free to comment below, email me at or "tweet" me at @Writing_Wings on Twitter.